To elope or not elope?

I'm pretty sure that every bride has this thought at least once during the wedding planning process. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, stressful and expensive! It's tempting to just say forget it and want to elope instead.

While I personally love elopements and destination weddings they aren't for everyone! Here are some of the pros + cons to help you decide if you should elope or not.


Pro: Less expensive. Eloping can save you some $$ depending on where you go + your guest list. Typically when you decide to elope your guest list dramatically shrinks, which can save you money. But, destination weddings can cost more per guest so that is something to consider.

Con: Hurt feelings. This is a big one. When you decide to elope there will be a lot of people who will be sad they will not get to experience this milestone in your life with you.

Pro: It's all about you! When you decide to elope its easier to have everything just the way you want it because you don't have to worry about pleasing everyone else.

Con: Less extravagance. Elopement style weddings tend to be much more intimate and simple. You might not get to have all of the glamorous details a traditional wedding would have.

Pro: Privacy. It can be hard to really be present in the moment when you are surrounded by 200+ people. With less people around you it is easier to focus on the special moments.

Con: Less people to share your day with. Everyone will be able to see the photos and videos, but they won't truly know how amazing your wedding was.


Every bride has their own vision for their big day. While some prefer simple, intimate moments, others crave big over the top events. It's important to write down your priorities to make sure that whatever your vision, it comes to life! We love helping brides bring their visions to life no matter what they have in mind!